Friday, August 29, 2008

First Day at Dragon*Con

We are exhausted. I am learning the MARTA (public transit) system pretty well.

The Nathan Fillion / Alan Tudyk panel was awesome. The room they planned on holding it in had to be changed twice due to the number of fans. The second time was when people started lining up more than two hours before the event, and the line quickly went out the door and around the building. We were outside in line, and I was afraid we may already be too late, but because they changed it to a bigger room we ended up with 6th row. W00t! Pictures and video to follow, probably next week.

We missed the Battlestar Galactica panel because of the delay in the Nathan/Alan panel.

The Dr. Horrible Sing-a-Long was AWESOME FUN!!! Then we went to a lecture on evolution The Boy picked it out, but it was very interesting and I'm glad we went. We decided to skip out on the Buffy OMWF Sing-a-Long because we were getting really tired, and the last bus was at midnight and we didn't want to risk missing it by staying too late.

There was also a long line for Nathan and Alan's autographs, but we made it through that line well. Nathan signed my copy of Slither, and Alan signed my copy of Death at a Funeral. Alan fell madly in love with me and has run away with me. Gotta go now.


Anonymous said...

I must be slow or something, but if you're riding Marta, then you're in of my birth. I'm so excited for you and I'm delighted you are having a good time.

Now about that ovarian cyst. Right now, I'm thinking that the word Owwwww is involved in the telling.

d said...

Clearly, I am not reading your DragonCon dispatches in order. And also, I thought today was Aug. 28 rather than 29, because I've completely lost track. So you're there. Yay, you! And yay, boy!

I hate that you missed the "OMWF" Sing-A-Long, but I'm also ridiculously jealous that you attended the "Dr. Horrible" counterpart. I will press you for minute details on the latter at a later date.

DropEdge said...

Uh, the above comment was from me. I didn't pay enough attention to the log in information.

CosmicAvatar said...

Yaaaaaaaaaay! That sounds AWESOME.