Thursday, April 17, 2008

More scenes from work:

So, last week Louise was trying to get rid of a bag of cough drops. She offered them to Phil in the morning but he just took one and left her the rest. Later, the director of operations was walking by and she suddenly stopped him and said that she'd overheard him say he had a sore throat, and would he like these cough drops? So he took them. Now, she was being sincere, but we teased her mercilessly that she was sucking up to him and trying to keep her job: "Have some cough drops -- please don't fire me!" (There have been a lot of lay offs here and the environment was looking not-too-hopeful.) We ladies in our cube had also had a silly conversation that morning about, among other things, blow jobs. So, naturally, the conversation turned to what might work as a better incentive than cough drops.

Then I changed my screensaver to:
"Well, I don't have any cough drops. I have to improvise."

And then, this past Monday, we got the news that we're all getting laid off.

My new screensaver is now:
"Clearly, the cough drops didn't work. We should have gone with plan B."


jenn said...

Oh fuck.

I'm so sorry to hear that... and yeah, plan B is right.


Celulite said...
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Eileen said...

What's the phrase, if you don't laugh, you cry? Glad to see it hasn't dampened your sense of humour! It still sucks though.

CosmicAvatar said...

Yep, that pretty much sums it up!