Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Email exchange between my boss and me:

So, it just started SNOWING like a bastard here. Which is absolutely crazy because we've had nice weather lately. (You will also need to know that we work in an office park at the top of a huge hill, and that we've been 'crying wolf' like this all winter.) It's too warm for the snow to accumulate, so there's really no problem. But I felt the need to sass my boss:


There's a blizzard outside. We might have to leave early.


His response:

I don't see any blizzard in the forecast, just some flooding. I think we are all safer up here on the hill.

And he included a link to the local forcast, which says rain, not snow.

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jenn said...

You know, the most stressful part of snow is trying to figure out if you have to go to/ stay at work. I mean really, I think I spent more mental time on that this past term (and the 90million student email about the same) than, oh, novels.