Sunday, January 13, 2008

12 of 12 - January

Ok, I've seen several of my stalkees participate in Chad Darnell's 12 of 12, and I thought I'd give it a go this time around. There doesn't seem to be a theme in here except for "what I did today". Is it ok that I'm posting this the next day? I'm such a rookie. [/eyeroll]

7:32 am
The start of any weekend morning for me.

This is the calendar in my kitchen. I am in love with coffee.

9:30 am
Ugh. The bane of my existance. A Christmas tree in January. I need to take this down today.

9:50 am
Some bracelets I am sitting down to finish. These aren't customers' orders. These are for the new pictures I'm sprucing up the store with.

2:30 pm
3 hours and 37 minutes until fresh, wholesome goodness! But only for The Boy. Stupid carbs.

3:32 pm
The mail arrived, and with it came my new order from Everyday Minerals. Happy Happy Joy Joy! This is a new jar of concealer and a 5 mini-jar free trial pack. I am trying new foundation colors.

Ugh again. Laundry.

5:15 pm
A customer's order. I actually made this yesterday but I am just now packing it up to ship it.

7:15 pm
Ding, dong, the tree is gone! Now where's my vacuum cleaner?

8:30 pm
Dinner. This got thrown into a low-carb tortilla with cheese.

9:45 pm
These are the bananas that I was planning on making banana bread with. Guess that won't be happening today.

11:20 pm
"Come to bed, Mommy. NOW!!"


Dogeared said...

I was just scrolling through the comments in Chad's Blog (so I don't have to wait for the updated link list), and what a surprise to see you there! :D

Sometimes people do end up having to post the photos on the 13th, yeah - if you've taken them on the 12th, that's all that matters. Sometimes, the internet or Blogger or just lack of time stops you posting on the 12th.

Welcome to 12 of 12 then! [hug]

Scooter said...

What fun pix. And i love the Jeep video you posted,, too.

Isn't that the saddest thing about Christmas, the cleaning up of the tree needles.

Min said...

Someone told me once that you can throw black bananas in the freezer peel and all and use them later when you're ready to make banana bread. I tried that, but as the bananas thawed, they were like snot and I started gagging all over the place. I far prefer to use them when they look like yours.

Meghan said...

I'm so excited you did 12 of 12 this month! I love it!

Oh, and our Norfolk Island Pine is still decorated. I don't plan to take decorations down 'til February! I have a hard time letting go...

Bonnie said...


~Sheryl said...

Nice 12 of 12, I'm so happy you joined. We have the same laundry baskets... and I hate laundry too. ;o

Man, I've got to give you credit. You make fresh bread and don't eat it - amazing will power.

Thanks for sharing your day, it was great!

Zippy said...

How could you not eat fresh bread!!? I would be biting at the smell.

Welcome to the 12!!