Thursday, January 4, 2007

Big News!

My website,, is up and running. I've had shops at Etsy (which I'll still be keeping for a while) for almost a year now to sell my little jewelry; and I've been learning html and tinkering with building my own web shop since the summer. It's finally all ready! I'm rather excited about it.

Also, if anyone would be interested in posting a banner for the shop in the sidebar of their blog or on some other web site they own, I could pay you with a free bracelet. Please contact me either in a PM or email me: service(at); I will send you the code.


(I know I already posted this on the WD, but I wanted to do it here too, in case I have other readers here. Trying to get maximum exposure, and all.)


Angela said...


Meghan said...

Awesome!! The site looks great!!

Please e-mail me the code so I can change it in my sidebar.

Amanda said...

I'll put it on my blog. PM me (MdmeAlbertine)!

Jenn said...

I'll put you on my NEW WEBPAGE... when I make it.


Angela said...

I sent you a PM!