Monday, February 13, 2006


(This may not seem like much, but as I've been in quite the state these past few weeks, and the house has gotten embarrassingly dirty. The fact that I actually got off my ass and DID something is so major right now.)
  • All christmas stuff packed up and put in boxes, boxes put in closets (this was last week)
  • dishes run in dishwasher
  • dishes put away
  • dishwasher reloaded, so sink empty!
  • cleaned out christmas tree stand (eww)
  • took boy out to play in snow yesterday AND today
  • cleaned off car and moved it when landlord was plowing yesterday
  • 6 loads of laundry, most of it put away
  • boy vacuumed lr, kit, br; did GREAT job
  • cat boxes done
  • kitchen table cleared off (many jokes between the boy and I about how we didn't even realize there was a table under there)
  • cleaned off coffee table
  • cleaned out my dox and my pix computer folders; deleted tons of stuff I don't need; saved much to disc, in preparation to switch to the new computer
  • cleaned out bookmarks; signed up for so that I can switch them to new 'puter
  • finally sent in my rebate forms for the new 'puter--that's $150.00 I almost lost because of my psychotic funk
  • packed up and weighed the two items I sold; need to print labels and ship them tomorrow
  • made appointment to have taxes done tomorrow (all tax stuff is gathered and ready)
  • cleaned out old crap from filing cabinet; threw away two bags of junk; sorted the filed the giant pile of stuff waiting to be filed.

Things that it would be great if I got to them (but I probably won't):

  • fold and put away the rest of the clean laundry
  • last load of laundry
  • dust (this would be a MAJOR undertaking--I am a bit ashamed, because both the boy and I have asthma and the current state of things can't possibly be good for us)
  • put away/rearrange knickknacks that came out of christmas boxes when christmas stuff was put away
  • clean up desk
  • clean bathroom
  • wash bathroom and kitchen floors
  • clean my room
  • make my bed back up (bedclothes have been washed)


Annika said...

Good lord! If I got that much done in a month it would be a miracle.

Anonymous said...

Just think how exciting it will be when you get the rebate check! I hate having to do the whole rebate thing, but there is nothing better than getting a check in the mail.


allison said...

Good for you!!! You should be proud of what you have accomplished. Don't worry about the other stuff, you will get to it soon enough. Once that ball is rolling, it will keep on going.

Go Team Mouse!!

CosmicAvatar said...

Well done! Always good to have a sense of achievement.

Meghan said...


The internet just ate my response.


Cliffs Notes:
*That's a whole freaking lot to get done, industrious little housemouse!
*You got all your tax stuff gatehred up? You're ahead of 95% of your population.
*I have horrible allergies, and I still don't dust or clean up the mounds of animal hair. (Rick vacuums and I wash the bed sheets. And that's. about. it.)

In any case... go YOU!!

Dogeared said...

Go do that last load of laundry, shouldn't take long and it's easy to cross off!

That list of what you have done is huge! Well done!

Meghan said...

Let me revise:

That should have been "the" population... not "your" population.

I'm losing my mind.